• Our Vision

    Jul 08 2014

    Massy: A Force for Good – The Most Responsible and Profitable Investment Holding / Management Company in the Caribbean Basin.  

    The Group has always been staunch in its values of integrity and ethical business practices, care for its customers and employees, its commitment to grow and deliver superior value for its shareholders and, being a responsible citizen, protecting and giving back to the environment and communities in which it operates.
    With this new brand identity, we have not lost these values, but instead, have distilled them down to their core meaning.

    • Honesty & Integrity
    • Growth & Continuous Improvement
    • Love & Care
    • Responsibility
    • Collaboration

    In the near future, Massy will be taking bold and innovative actions to drive profitability and growth. To succeed, we will continue to display the principles of good management and leadership outlined above. 

    These fundamental values spur us towards growth, helping us to be the most responsible and profitable company in the Caribbean Basin. By adhereing to these core values Massy will be the employer and partner of choice, bar none.

    This vision is the source of our distinctive competitive advantage, driving our continued profitability and growth, allowing us to operate as a Force for Good in the community. Wherever Massy operates in the world people will sense our passion and unwavering commitment to serve a greater good, attracting them to Massy not only as a company, but as a philosophy. Many great things have occurred throughout our rich 90-year past…and we declare that the future will be even better!

    This we know. This we believe. To this we commit.