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Hi-Lo Food Stores
2/12/2012 7:04:51 PM

Company Image:
hilo logo
Company Name :
Hi-Lo Food Stores
Short History of Hi-Lo Food Stores :

Hi-Lo Food Stores began on June 1, 1950 when Gordon Graves New, the son-in-law of Ernest Canning, opened the first store on Marine Square. Hi-Lo later became a part of the Neal & Massy family when Canning and Company legally became a subsidary on April 17, 1975. Hi-Lo Food Stores currently serves families from all over Trinidad with our 17 locations and over 1,800 employees.


Major Brands :
 Hi Dee
Certified Angus Beef
Products Offered :

 Grocery, Bakery, Deli, Fresh Produce, Fresh and Frozen Meats,  


Added Services Offered:   

  • Just Personal Pharmacy, 
  • MoneyGram (money transfer),  
  • Sure Pay (Bill Payments) 
Customer Loyalty Programme :
Smart Shopper Programme
Location(s) :


  •  Alyce Glen, 
  • Crews Inn, 
  • Diego Martin, 
  • French Street, 
  • Glencoe, 
  • Maraval, 
  • Maraval Express, 
  • St. Ann's, 
  • West Moorings, 

  • Broadway, 
  • El Dorado, 
  • Ridgewood, 
  • St. Augustine  

  • Chaguanas, 
  • Gulf City, 
  • Marabella, 
  • Pt. Fortin, 
Contact Information :
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