Job Openings

Job Title: Field Attendant
Company: Neal and Massy Energy Resources Ltd.
Location: 61 Cipero Street San Fernando
Overview:   Makes routine checks on all Wells in the Field and report all irregularities, i.e. burst belts, leakingstuffing box, electrical shutdown, etc. and take remedial action where necessary. Makes routine checks at Office, Tank Farm and Oil Catchments and report any irregularities. Logs in diary any equipment or material entering or leaving the compound [i.e. from stockyard /stock room area, i.e. pipes, jacks, rod, oil, etc.]. Mans the gates and control entry and exit of persons and vehicles entering and leaving the Field.
Type: FullTime
Duration: Permanent
Closing Date: 2013-03-22
Requirements:   Three (3) ‘O’ Levels including Mathematics and English. One (1) to two (2) years experience in production operations. A valid driver’s licence with two (2) years driving experience. Defensive Driving Certification /PLEA Certification will be an asset. Attention to documentation. Highly Team oriented with the ability to function in a Team environment.
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